After completing a degree in Physics at the University of Durham, Paul Holmes worked for two decades as a television director before redirecting his practice to visual art.  His first outputs were video-based but more recently he has produced installations of still and moving images, light and sound.


Holmes's practice is performative, frequently taking himself as the subject.  It explores and harnesses the gestures and actions of the human face, voice and body.   Works in intangible electronic media are often installed as concrete physical artefacts, sometimes in unconventional spaces.


He is preoccupied with the fallibility of our bodies, and with our desire to control and shape them; with their rootedness in nature; and with the manner in which they navigate their way through space and time.


Faces are mined for their affective power, speech and text used as an expressive and conceptual tool, and voices shaped into sculptural constructs in three dimensions.


Paul Holmes currently teaches at the School of Arts and Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University and has given talks and workshops about his work around the world.


"Outside the Box" installation views photographed by Alkistis Terzi.  "The Loop" images © Wendy McMurdo and Paul Holmes.

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